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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Are stereotypes true?

I am under the impression that all stereotypes are true, and that they are aspects of each ethnic groups' culture. Culture refers to patterns of human activity. So aside from what types of food, clothing, or a religion an ethnic group cultivates, certain behavioral characteristics will also sprout among the group as a general rule.
People usually agree with stereotypes being part of the culture if it is phrased positively. For example, people agree that blacks are spiritual but will disagree that blacks are superstitious. The good traits become archetypes and the bad traits arbitrarily get dubbed as stereotypes that are untrue. However, no culture is a perfect, and since they are created and exist on planet Earth they will have their flaws. Therefore negative stereotypes are also true reflections of the culture. Besides, it depends on a subjective spin on the cultural trend. One man's spirituality is another man's superstition. I think in spite of the stereotypes that circulate about blacks, taking the good with the bad, if we embrace the stereotypes, we as blacks will find a lot to be proud of.


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