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Monday, July 10, 2006

Are stereotypes true? Part II

Some common stereotypes

Blacks: feel rhythms, spiritual, sensual, proud, intuitive

Whites: punctual, entrepreneurial, organized, polite

Asians: mathematical/technological, hard-working, precise

Hispanics: festive, carnivalesque, spiritual, very proud of Latin country of origin

Dangerous ground--

Women: Nonsexual, repressed unless sluts

Men: Sexual, confident, unconcerned about body image, FREE!

I thought about it in more detail and decided that stereotypes, whether or not they are true, are unfair measures to use on an individual basis, because they dehumanize. It serves us no purpose to acknowledge stereotypes because this leads to make assumptions about people in advanced, which undermines a person's individuality. I know that the perception is that men are more sexual and women are sexually reserved, trading sex for love or security. That has to be the most sexist concept the society has ever carved out, and thankfully this double standard is waning, as mentioned in my last post. It's my biggest pet peeve for people to assume that women are not as sexual. But maybe generally speaking women aren't. After all, I've been to gay bars and lesbian bars, and what I noticed is that lesbian bars tend to be more about coupling and relationships, gay bars seem to be more about sexual excitement. But when I've been with my bisexual and swinger friends the trend is very different and in those worlds, women tend to be very sexually charged, almost more than the men. And I'm sure there are sexual lesbians, or else there would be no On Our Backs Readership. And romantic gays, or there would be no push for gay marriage. To set that standard for all women of course has always been the beginning of sexual repression and oppression. So looking at it from a feminist standpoint, instead of an "Afrocentric" one, I decided it's better to overlook group traits and trends rather than try to celebrate them.


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