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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Image Versus Reality Part Two

Here's The Day That Sex Died from Susie Bright and Image Versus Reality from SexPosFemme

Even though most of us could have full rich sex lives, we compare ourselves to characters. Kim Catrall just got a divorce but we still compare ourselves to Samantha Jones who was her character. Carrie Bradshaw had three boyfriends, but the real Sarah Jessica Parker was married to the producer. (Sex and the City). So we think we're not libertines or attractive even if we are. Married people fight over sex, hello you're married you're supposed to be having sex but also that's not why you got married! Young people probably don't have as much sex as really old people at resorts but it's seen as a young thing. Black women carry the brunt of AIDS but sex is seen as a white thing.

The sad thing is the more people focus on those images and try to live up to them, the less of a full rich sex live they'll have because if they're watching TV they're not having sex! I think internet/TV has decreased sex even though there's more sex there because then people aren't doing organic sexual things or socializing. That's why people get so defensive too. They think Sex-Positive Feminists or Bisexuals are all Samantha Joneses, when in reality we could be just like them. I just had intercouse with a man this year at 22. Or they think that we expect them to be like some TV character. Then they say oh this country is so immoral, when people are having less sex or being out and proud than they were in the 50s! Or that black women in videos make black girls look like whores when something like 75% of the black female AIDS cases are heterosexual married women! It just goes to show things aren't always what they seem. I don't even watch that much TV anymore.

Reality shows are more contrived than sitcoms ever could be. If someone says Sex in the City or Rap Videos I just say "oh I don't watch that much TV" and act like I barely know what they're talking about because if they want to compare organic sexual freedom, agency, or theory to some 5 minute Corporate Shill clip or some show made by four gay hairstylists who don't know the first thing about women's bodies, then they're much of nothing.


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