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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Bullshit from Black Women's Health

An article from Black Women's Health entitled Sex or Intimacy: Which Do You Desire? reads: "Unlike their male partners, women are emotional beings who show their affection by touching and also by verbal expression, and they like those same kinds of feelings affirmed and reciprocated. The media recognizes that women are visual and need reaffirmation, so as a result, they capitalize on their need and deceive many of them with shows that view women as being content and satisfied by fulfilling their need for intimacy with sexual intercourse. This depiction is far from the truth. Women want to feel connected to their partners emotionally and spiritually. Once they have established the oneness, the intimate act of sexual intercourse then becomes fulfilling, but without the intimacy, sex then becomes an act that brings both parties close physically, but not mentally. Which do you really desire?"

These types of mythical views in society is probably the reason why black women are being infected with AIDS more than any other demographic bracket of American women. The Down Low hysteria isn't baffling enough and the austere churchy image isn't spurious enough. Now we have to reaffirm sexual double standards, stereotype women and men, alienate the lesbigay community, and erase the identities of the transgendered. Do these images of women run parallel to the statistics about sexual transmitted disease? Or do these images merely run parallel to social standards and taboos that make awareness, concern, safety, prevention, and treatment that much more arduous?

AIDS: 1 Black Women: Zip


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