SexPosFemme Journal

Monday, October 10, 2005

Social Issues Behind Eating Disorders

Susie Bright asks if eating disorders have to do with being upper middle class, career driven, sex deprived, etc.

Yes there is an eating disorder problem with white upper middle class girls. I'm at a top 10 private university so I can attest. I think it's just a perfectionist mindset and a feeling of not being in control of one's own world/mind.

My last roommate was bulimic. I think it's no coincidence that she was a 22 year old virgin, upper middle class, from a small town, staunch Christian, who voted for Bush (I'm not exaggerating, I was there) because her father told her to, or else she wasn't going to vote at all. Her mom also went along with what her father said.

So I wasn't surprised she was bulimic. She was a senior staring the real world dead in the face, leaving that environment of being told just what to think, and what to decide, and she couldn't handle it. Virginity just ADDED to the chaos, it didn't signal order like people assume. Yes it guarantees no pregnancy or disease, but it's not about taking responsibility, it's about EVADING EVER HAVE to man adult risks. It's based on this assumption that things go just as planned, you get married just when you want to, to just whom you imagined, in the way you dreamed, with the money you need, and your parents approve, and the adult work of staying married, managing finances, and more will just magically take care of itself later, when you're OLDER. Meanwhile her plans and her experiences with men told her otherwise: that you DON'T have control over everything, sometimes not even your own mind, because choices aren't always black and white.

Enter bulimia.