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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Response to "White Sex"

"White Sex" by Susie Bright reprinted:

"everyone deserves the chance to be a White Bitch in Heat"...

There are black bitches in heat too. I guess people wonder how, when our counterparts are the Big Black Cocks in question, but that's because around us they get square and big brotherish. And yes the conservative branch of the community or Black Religious Reich is a millstone around the neck of sexual liberation, gay rights, and AIDS awareness. They do all of the same things twofold. So instead using rape to scare people, they'll use rape AND racial guilt (yes they actually racially guilt trip other black people if you can believe that one), sometimes putting the two guilt trip together with this glib anachronistic theory about slave rape (if you can believe that people actually still do stuff like this), to explain their sex-negative mentality. So if you don't share this same fear then you're being naive in thinking it's "your thing" instead of "their thing". But the result is the same as in the White Sex viniettes. Sexual discovery from coming out to grooving back means breaking away from a whole community pattern that is preferably Christian and middle class or aspiring to it.

Because the American Dream is so "clean" and "swell" it's funny that foreigners use America to define most social evils including debauchery. In the third world nontraditional sexual behavior or even bringing it up is an "American thing". It's as if conservative branches in every community have managed to make their views seem like the community identity instead of merely the picket fence, mask, or veil that distorts and corrupts the community within.


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