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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Review of Greta Christina's "Bending"

"She loved being bent over." In a sense, she loved being read over (she being the Novella), spread open, exposed for all the world to see, flap-flipped, probed, fingered, jammed with a foreign object to mark placement, and slammed tightly shut, only to be revisited again and again. In a sense, you loved being bent over (you being the reader), lured into the escapades, made to wait in anticipation of the next sexual idea that arises, and won over more than you dared imagine.

"Bending" is about a girl named Dallas who has a consuming obsession with both sex and one particular sexual position, being bent over. All of her fantasies involve this one position and in all of her sexual relationships she mandates this over anything else. No matter how often or consistently she indulges this obsession, she never feels a sense of completion or "enoughness". So she decides to overindulge herself in activities that revolve around bending in the hopes that she will finally feel satisfied and enjoy it without feeling beholden to it. "Bending" follows a core literary theme of obsession that is present in such great works as "Xenocide" and "Go Tell It On The Mountain," but explores it rather than just establishing it as problematic. The looming narrative question is, what happens when you get exactly what you've been craving all along? Is obsession or satisfaction the true spice of life? The answers culminate in a truly mind-bending, thought-provoking way. Greta Christina's talks more about her latest novella and presents an excerpt here:

Don't let her modesty fool you. Most accomplished, polished writers can create composite characters that are distinct from their own ideals but very few can create full characters that are step outside of every social status quo in various ways, challenge them, cater to them, and undermine them in the process, while still keeping the characters understandably human on enough levels. Prepare to get bent.


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